Thursday, February 25, 2010

We've been published in Belle Armoire Jewelry Spring 2010

I received my Spring 2010 copy of Belle Armoire Jewelry and I was thrilled to learn that my dear Oiseaux Necklace was published! I am a bird lover, I started feeding them thistle and they visit my yard by the bunch! Finches, Robins, Chickadees & More! I have made a tutorial to make this necklace and all the supplies are available in my shop Antica Treasures, this is the main component that you'll need
Materials: Fine Oval Brass Chain, Oiseaux Letter Charms, Bird Charms, Heart & bird pendant, Czech Crystal Beads, Antiqued Brass Jumprings, Old time lobster clasp
Instructions: This necklace is composed of two levels, one longer than the other one. I find it useful to work with a dressform to determine the perfect lenght and "fall" of the necklace. Once you have determined the desired lenght, bead the crystals and add the bird connectors to one of the parts. Then add the letters to the shorter part of the necklace. Finish with a lobster clasp and a jumpring.
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  1. Congratulations on being in the upcoming Somserset Publication. How exciting for you!
    Your necklace is lovely!

  2. How awesome! what a huge accomplishment!

  3. Congratulations, that is fantastic. It is such a beautiful necklace. I just love mine and have it on again today!

  4. How wonderful for you!!! Love that bird charm......