Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silver Sunday

Hi everyone,

This is my very first Silver Sunday and I hope that I can join many more! This pitcher was given to me by my husband who was very eager to polish it; however, I love the oxidation that has built on the piece and decided to use it as is. I really love to display roses or lavender on it. For today's Silver Sunday I decided to photograph it next to my porcelain Virgen María and a lovely rose from my Garden. This is my first year gardening and I am in love with my double knockout roses.

Antica Treasures works mostly with brass as a jewelry making metal; however, I do enjoy Silver as well and wanted to share with you a very simple method to oxidize silver.

Ingredients: Liver of Sulphur, Water, Gloves and Silver

Please put on plastic gloves before doing this!!! Protect your eyes too!

Liver of Sulphur is a chemical that usually comes in lump form, take a little lump from the jar and mix it with warm water (warm water accelerates the oxidation process). Mix it with a wooden stick. Place the silver in the liver of sulphur bath until starts to take the color that you desire. Take item(s) out of the solution and rinse with water. If the item looks too dark for you, try using extra fine steel wool to bring out highlights and remove some of the patina.

I purchased my liver of sulpur at Contenti, full instructions can be found here

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 Make sure to visit all the bloggers participating in Silver Sunday!

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  1. Hi Claudia, Loved your silver hint and I wrote it down for safekeeping. Last weekend we opened the pool and I was using heavy duty bleach to clean the pool furniture. That stuff turned my silver jewelry (which I should not have had on) totally black. It was awful. A little toothpaste cleaned it right up now. Happy Silver Sunday.

  2. I love your Silver pitcher. Very nice and yes the patina is wonderful. Oh and beautiful rose!

  3. Your pitcher is very nice with the lavender in it. I bet it smells good too. Love the earrings too!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Great silver pitcher. I love the patina of it, too.

  5. Oh how pretty that Lavender looks in that silver! I love your Virgin Mary too! You seem to have as many as me around your home and garden. Stop by and visit soon. We have Mamma Rosa's Grilled Summer Vegies today at our blog! Hugs!

  6. Such a lovely silver pitcher. Please visit me and my silver, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  7. Hi glad you joined the party..your pitcher is lovely! I have to tell you I drove through your area just last's ADORABLE!

  8. That pitcher is so pretty.just the right hint of patina!

  9. SO pretty - I am a huge jewelry hound ~ Thanks for the oxidization lesson. Happy SS!!!

  10. Hi Claudia, your pitcher looks really nice with the lavender and makes with the white porcelain virgin and this pretty rose a pretty picture. Your lesson in silver blackening is very interesting. Thats exactly how the anciant silversmithes in Hanau/Germany made all those blackings in thei Antiqued silver, like the silver tongs, I show in my post.Thank you for this lesson. Have a nice time.
    Greetings, Johanna

  11. Cute pitcher. Sounds like you are doing well gardening if you have a rose blooming your first year. It's my first Silver Sunday too! kath

  12. Love it all you have a great place to visit.


  13. That pitcher is so lovely and the patina gives it a real antique quality. Thanks for those tips too-I will remember them for next time!

    Best wishes,