Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finding Inspiration under the Moonlight

I enjoy the view of a wonderful ornamental Pear Tree outside Antica Treasures Studio window, I am in a second floor; therefore, I get to experience what birds do on the tree branches. From establishing and defending territories, courtship, nest building, family raising to communal behaviour. One night, I was very surprised to learn that the baby birds (fledglings) beg for food up to the very late hours of the night and this is how I gained the inspiration to create the Midnight in the Garden Charm Bracelet with some beads from my new  Monet's Garden Bead Kit which has around 150 beads. Finding inspiration is not that difficult or something that only artist know off...I encourage you to listen and observe your surroundings and to allow yourself to be inspired by the simplest of things that occur everyday in our beautiful World.


  1. It is beautiful and I love the colors! I bet you have a great view from the second story.
    Thanks so sharing
    hugs sassy gail

  2. You never know where (or when!) inspiration will strike! It's lovely, Claudia!