Monday, August 16, 2010

Holiday Matinee Necklace - Tutorial

We are making ready for the Holidays at Antica Treasures! What could be better than making some lovely jewelry to wear or give during this cherished season of the year? MMM, let me thing, maybe some Pumpkin Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream.... So, here's a tutorial for all of you! I am utilizing the new mother and son chain and the holiday garden bead mix. Enjoy!

Holiday Garden Bead Mix             7 - 6mm Czech golden pearls
Mother and Son Chain                   8- 4mm Light olive Czech pearls
Head Pins                                    12mm brass ox lobster clasp
3 - 6mm and 12mm brass ox jump rings 

Cut a 23" piece of chain, loop on each end a 6mm jump ring and attach the lobster clasp to on end and the 12mm jump ring to the other end. Thread head pins on one 4mm light olive pearl, add a flower and then loop the end of the head pin, repeat this for every flower (4 red & 4 green). Thread head pins on the rest of the beads and loop at the end. Connect the flowers to the chain at more or less every 3" (eye ball the placement of the flowers), in between connect the leaves and the pearls "al gusto" (as you wish in Spanish). Now, wear your necklace proudly!

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