Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Backyard Quilt Show

The folks at Lil Country Shoppe delivered a wonderful Backyard Quilt Show this year! 

Events like this nurture the community by showcasing a craft that conjures not only technique, but perseverance, love and dedication! All the quilts at the show are true treasures created for the enjoyment of generations to come. 

In addition, the event provides an opportunity for many crafters and artists that one way or another have gravitated towards the charms of Lil Country Shop to display and sell their products.

This is Becky from Becky's Rose Cottage we became friends in facebook, realizing we are both Delawarians I invited her to the Backyard Quilt Show.

I had the pleasure of meeting her, she's a wonderful and fun person to be around. I became an admirer of her products and I just had to bring home some lovely ornaments for my Christmas Tree.

This wonderful lady is Martha from La Mar Bags, she is a sweetheart and will be in lot's of shows! Make sure to visit her shop by clicking on the photo!

This lady is very talented, she draws wonderfully and makes the prettiest felted bird rings you have ever seen! Click on the photo to visit her Etsy Shop

The Thread Needle was displaying purses and my favorite a crayon pouch! That would help Pacific keep her crayons in the same place...maybe.

More vendors ahead...

New Best Friends Forever Becky Rose Cottage and Antica Treasures tables...

My table
 I enjoyed so much being a vendor at the Backyard Quilt Show this year! The weather was perfect and I met lots of wonderful people. I look forward to continue being a part of it each year.

A lovely gathering of talented and wonderful people doing what they love! See you next year at the 2011 Backyard Quilt Show!


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely gift bag at Teresa's blog party in Roundtop!

  2. I love shows like this Claudia. I hope you did well and looks like you met lots of new friends. I am tickled you joined the party. :0 xoxo