Saturday, October 30, 2010

Keepsake Ornaments - A fun and easy project to make with the kids!

As my daughter gravitated to some sparkly $1.00 ornaments while at the market yesterday, I suggested that we could make our own and that they would be treasured by her cousins because they were made by her and with tons of love. She loved the idea!

I fell in love a long time ago with the Romantic Farmstyle by Polly hood, owner of French Cupboard and Counting Your Blessings. Co-publisher of the magazine Porch which gives the World the opportunity to experience this style and others first hand. I had been wanting to create some goodies in that style and this was the perfect opportunity. As soon as we got home, right after putting the groceries away, we set to make some ornaments. I wanted to make something easy for her as she is 6 years old, something that we both could enjoy. Heart shapes are easy, so I draw small hearts on cardboard, then pin to a folded piece of burlap slightly bigger than the heart and cut around the heart (about 1/4" away from it). I pin a piece of bakers twine cord folded in half in the middle top of the heart and starting sewing with zipzag stitch at that place to hold the cord. I went all around the heart. This is the base for your ornament, after this point see what scraps of fabric and junk (lovely junk of course) you have and decorate them with that using your glue gun. We made little notes in the computer that said XOXO Pacific so that her cousins always remember she gave them those hearts during the Holidays. We are making all the gifts this Christmas, no store bought, unless is handmade or from an antique or brocante shop.
I sell burlap at Antica Treasures, glitter, mica flakes and lots of other goodies that you may like. If you have a minute head over to the shop to check it out under Miscellany.

We are set to make some more of these ornaments now...till later...


  1. very sweet. Glad I found you

    barbara jean

  2. Your daughter sounds adorable!! I'm sure she just loved making heart shaped ornaments with mom!