Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aparicio Torelly

At the Medicine Faculty, the professor asks the student: How many kidneys do we have?

“Four”, answered the student.

“Four?”, replies the professor, with arrogance, enjoying to mock the errors of the students. “Bring some hay, as we have a donkey in the classroom"; ordered the teacher to his teaching assistant.

“¡And for me a coffee!”, said the student to the teacher's assistant.

Irritated the teacher, expelled the student from the classroom. The student was the comedian Aparício Torelly, known as the Barón of Itararé (1895-1971)

When he left the classroom, he had the audacity of correcting the irritated teacher:Life requires much more than knowledge comprehension. “You asked me how many kidneys do "we have" ?. We have four, two are yours and two are mine, as "we have" is a plural expression. I hope you enjoy eating the hay".

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