Friday, January 21, 2011


Photography by Katy Timney

I LOVE THAT MOVIE PRIDE & PREJUDICE...and I have attempted to read the book many times...I basically read portions of each of Jane Austen novels here and there and hopefully one day I will finish them all in one sitting! Who knows! i do love Jane...she was such an Artist, such an innovator for her daring...she dared to fulfilled her dream and I just love that! Sometimes, you just have to loose your fear and jump off the cliff to learn that you CAN FLY!!!!

So...anyways...enough poetry...and philosophy...let's go to the knitty gritty of this post. My dearest friend Brook owner of inspires us with lovely wearable art! I awesome is it to wear Darcy's Proposal to Elizabeth Bennett to the OFFICE! right!

In Brooke's words....You must allow me to tell you how excited I am about this shirt!

Brookish Etsy Profile
Brookish is an 1800s-inspired shop which I started a few years ago for a little extra income and hobby while being a stay-at-home mom and part-time collage artist. I started making Jane Austen inspired items for friends and family (since we're all a bit obsessed), then started offering them in my shop. Brookish is now a full-time business run by my husband Justin and me, as well as raising our two little girls, May & Lily.

Thank you Brooke for giving us the opportunity to wear a little Jane Austen every day!



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