Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Journey Quotes

I love language, communication and personal growth! This love was inherited from my father Claudio who is a philologist and a lawyer. Philology is a word derived from the greek philos for LOVE and logos for WORD; therefore, in order to summarize things I will say that I have too developed a love for words, language, sayings, people and culture. So far I am versed in English, Spanish and French, hopefully soon Italian.
As part of my personal journey I have started to develop a tendency to create quotes, it has been turning into a daily thing at this point so I decided...and why not? to blog about them. I am so sorry if someone had already thought about these quotes but in all honesty they are truly mine and free of any plagearistic intent.

My goal for 2011 is to lead a meaningful life, to completely honor who I am and do good to others while I live on this Earth. These quotes may be have something to do with my goals, we'll see.

Quotes by Claudia Twardus

Feel free to use but please give me some credit ; )

It takes courage to heal and to stop blaming others or the environment for the way you feel.

The real important thing is to be your "own cup of tea".

Just for today I will feel love for everything and everyone.

You are the Puzzle Master of the puzzle of your Life.

Life is a journey full of frolic. Enjoy it!

Life is like a cake and you are the Master Baker. You can decide how many layers it will have and how ornate, beautiful and over the top it will be.

After all every road leads to Rome!

(My dad's quote...not sure if he took it from other sources)

Love your Journey,



  1. Great quotes I love the one referencing the cake so true
    Hugs sassy gail