Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dreaming of Spring! Collage Art Tutorial

I would like to share one of my most recent projects with you! This weekend my daughter and I took out all of our "goodies" and created some neat projects.

"Art has been an essential part of my healing journey as what I create is a reflection of my Inner Beauty". By Claudia Twardus

Supplies: 4x4 Canvas, Pale Green Acrylic Paint, Large Brush, Mod Podge Glue, Vintage Chandelier Crystal, Feather, Tattered Seam Binding Ribbon, Plastic Doves, German Glass Glitter Silver Coarse, Egg, Spanish Moss, Vintage Buttons, Lace and Pearl Stream, Low Heat Glue Gun, Vintage Sewing Pattern Paper, Vintage Wall Paper and No. 2 HB Pencil, Millinery Forget Me Nots, Eye Hook, Silver Wire (Copper Coated), and Mica Flakes

Instructions: 1- Paint your canvas in green and allow to dry. 2 - Apply Mod Podge glue to the canvas and adhere pieces of pattern paper to cover the entire surface. 3 - Cut a heart made of vintage wall paper and glue to the center of canvas, decorate the heart with your pencil! Be creative! Add a quote or encouraging word like DREAM! apply glue over the heart and sprinkle it with mica flakes. 4 - Decorate the edge of your canvas with vintage lace. 5- Create a nest with Spanish moss, decorate using the glue gun with a feather, buttons, ribbon, flowers, pearl stream, egg and plastic doves (cover the doves with glue and sprinkle them with German glass glitter).  6 - Insert the eye hook on the bottom of the canvas and connect the chandelier crystal by utilizing the silver wire. 

Dreaming of Spring Artist Kit!
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Birds inspire the majority of my Spring Art!

What inspires yours? Comment let us know!


  1. Claudia, your blog is wonderful! Yes, birds inspire my Spring creations too. I love birds, esp. Robin's and hummingbirds.

  2. Wow this is so cute. What a great idea. Birds I think just make you think of Spring. I am new to your blog. Really like it!