Monday, April 25, 2011

Beading with chain Jewelry Making Tutorial

I really like the look of stringed beads in necklaces; however, I dread having to crimp the crimping beads and making sure that the stringing wire is tight enough at both ends. Recently I discovered that this itty bitty vintage chain is perfect to string large beads (10mm Preciosa Czech) or any beads with a large hole to string the chain trough. The chain is a little over 1mm wide.

10mm Czech Beads
Dainty Chain (available at Antica Treasures)
Metal Spacers
Seam Binding Ribbon (rayon)
Prairie Swallow (at Antica)
Steel Bench Block

To make a necklace like this, find some large beads and metal spacers. Start by cutting 9 inch piece of chain, close one of the ends with a thin 6mm jumpring, thread a metal spacer and a bead, continue in this manner until you are satisfied with the lenght of your beaded piece. Close the other end with another 6mm jumpring. Attach a connector to one side, for this project I chose the Prairie Swallow Stamping which I hammered down to flatten it and texturize it and I punk a hole on it's beak and connected it to my beaded chain. I curled the tail with the rosary pliers and attached a large jumpring 9mm.  Connect a large jumpring 9mm to the other side of your beaded chain and string through some crinkly and antiqued seam binding ribbon (the ribbon should be long enough to give you the desired lenght for your necklace). Connect the ribbon to the other end of the necklace with a bow. This is your clasp.

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Have a lovely Spring!

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