Monday, December 14, 2009

The Artful Tag - Antiquing tags/bookmarks tutorial by Antica Treasures

Hi Friends!
I enjoy so much making these lovely tags that I had to share how to make them with all of you. They are easy and quick to make. Make them for your loved ones and why not making them for you? I enjoy them tucked in my books and craft magazines.

The Supplies are available at Antica Treasures

Supplies: Walnut Crystals, Mica Flakes, Glue Stick, Martha Stewart permanent glue, Seam Binding Ribbon, No.6 Tags, one cup hot water, Collage Sheets by Darvahlous at

1. Mix well 1 teaspoon of Walnut Crystals with one cup of hot water (1min in microwave) in a reusable plastic cup, let it sit for 20 minutes. Pour the liquid in a square pyrex container (craft use only), dip each tag and place over absorbent surface of hang outside (make sure to protect the countertops, this really stains). Allow to dry for 6 hours approximately.
2. Cut out the lovely digital collage sheets by Darvahlous and glue them to the tag with an acid free glue stick. If you have a stamp you can adorn the tag with, please go ahead.
3. Apply the permanent glue (which has a nice tip that allows a precise application ) around the edges of each image clipping  Position the tag on top of a plate and sprinkle the mica flakes (the plate collects the extra mica which you want to reuse). 
4. Cut the ribbon in 10 to 12 inches portion and add to each tag.
5. While you allow the tags/bookmarks to dry prepare some tea, relax and enjoy your artful work!


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