Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fall 2010 Color Trends! Follow the trend or follow your heart!

I have always followed my heart when deciding what colors to use in my jewelry or deciding what to wear each season. However, I believe that trends give us and opportunity to explore new options and to freshen up our ideas.

Pantone Autumn / Fall 2010 color trends as published by

So, question for you! Do you follow your heart or do you follow the trends? Keep in mind that the trends are determined by a group of designers and color experts read about how Pantone does it here


  1. Trends are fickle, they change rapidly, and who can afford to re-decorate every season or year??? I have always followed my heart....I pretty much have had the same color scheme for 40 years now.....I change accessories with the seasons as my mom always did, she even used slipcovers which I don't. You can keep things updated by adding one or two different pieces each time to add some punch. Color is a theory....choose any color and it becomes your base and you can complement it with whatever you base is red and you can name any other color and I make it work with I dug out my few pieces of silver and gave them a good polish, my dining room looks so different with them on the buffet. Personal touches make it you and that's what decorating is all about!!!

  2. I am one to follow my heart....the above are lovely colors, but right now I am a pink and white gal with soft touches of color....
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    The Ruffled Rose