Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Art of Layering!

These necklaces look so lovely, whether you wear one, two or more!!!

They are very simple to make too. The base is my figaro chain, all you need is some charms, jump rings and lobster clasp.

You can go from "romantic" to "chic" to "bold" by just combining different charms. The lenghts can be adjusted too, you would just hook your clasp where needed...that's the beauty of this type of chain with large oval links...

So, here's a bold look, I hold the key to the "Versailles Petite Trianon" Secret Garden...
(okay, I just made that up...but it's okay to nurtures the soul and the imagination)

This is a more subtle variation of the above look...

Hopefully, I will be making some video tutorials soon, I just think it's easier to teach that way, but sometimes I feel like the day doesn't have enough hours for me.

XOXO, Claudia

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