Monday, January 10, 2011

Soul Notes No.1

Do you ever think of wonderful positive messages while doing the most mundane cleaning or driving over to work? Do you wish you could share those thoughts with the World because they are so positive that they may actually help someone in a rough patch of the road? least they help you to survive the day right?. me that's what soul notes are about. Usually a simple thought comes to mind and little by little as the day or weeks go by that simple thought blooms into a more complex concept.

Here's my Soul Note of the Day! In English and Spanish! The Spanish version sounds better to me than the English version. ; )

Interesante como otros nos aman...nos aceptan y admiran, y sin embargo nos cuesta hacer esto con nosotros mismos. Aceptarse y amarse a uno mismo no indica conformismo, si no la capacidad de valorarse y luchar para vencer los obstáculos en el camino de la vida. Un guerrero armado con amor puede visualizar claramente un nuevo y mejor horizonte.

Interesting how others love us...accept us and admire us, and even so it's hard for us to do the same with ourselves. To accept and love one self does not denotes conformism, but the capacity to value one self and to fight to overcome any obstacles in the road of life. A warrior armed with love can clearly visualize a new and a better horizon.


Claudia Twardus


  1. That is so true! I love your quotes. I can really relate to this one as I see it in everyone although I have such a hard time accepting any kind of praise from anyone towards me
    thanks for sharing your quotes I will be back tomorrow.
    PS I like the way it looks in Spanish as well.
    hugs sassy

  2. Beautiful! I need to start blogging my quotes too ;) (Well I guess I just need to start blogging more all together! LOL)